Yep it time for the wonkey eye reunion and the last wonkey eye rave that will be held ..
I never thought I would promote a rave again until January,, I had a very specific plan with the venue , The date and the Line up and if I couldn’t have it exactly what I planned it would not be happening ,, so it’s ment to be,,
I know that a lot has changed since the mid 00s , we’ve all got older, settled down , have children and life in general , I have taken all this into consideration and is the reason it’s happening at the end of august, plenty of time to get the rave outfits and fluffys down from the attict dust them off ,, patch up the moth holes , get your fitness levels up and get child care in place nice and early..
There will be Return Travel and club admittance Combi tickets for anyone in the Somerset area too..

Main room will be
UK Hardcore and Happy Hardcore

Second room will be Hard trance/Hard style and Techno..

amazing sound systems , lighting and projectors,, free giveaways and free whistles for all in attendance..

I will be releasing the first part of the line up on Friday evening .. I’ve managed to secure some amazing artists and I’m still adding to the line up..

Ticket info will also be released soon ..

Peace . Love , unity and happiness to all..