Love Saves The Day unofficial afterparty!
– – S U N D A Y . 2 6 T H . M A Y – –

Adv Tickets: £5

Are you ready to share the love?

That time of the year has came back around only to soon!
You’ve spent the day dancing in the sun, you’ve been arm in arm with your best buddies sipping great drinks and have finished the day with warm glow on your face and love in your belly.
So why should you go home to bed? You my dear person are ready to keep the candle burning, the flag waving, the spirit alive, you my friend are ready for an AFTER PARTY.

Room One
[Drum & Bass . Jungle . Bassline . UKG]
Buckfast Boys Club
Take Off DJ’s B2B
George DC

Room Two
[Disco . Funk . House]

Adv Tickets: £5