We’re packing the greatest custom designed lighting show Blue Mountain Club has ever seen to create a Lucid Labyrinth of light, spectrum arrays & trippy visuals.

We’re talking a myriad of lasers, pixel displays, fractal mirrors, tens of moving light beams alongside a dual RGB strobe set up and a few surprises we’ll be keeping to ourselves… no stone has been left unturned. This is by far & away the most extensive lighting rig we’ve ever had the pleasure of crafting… and it’s never been done before.

We present to you… our Lucid Labyrinth.

To make this happen Utopia Presents & More Than have joined forces, combining their respective crews & DJs alongside inviting a smattering of Bristol’s finest house & disco selectors to showcase this pop up installation for one night only. We can’t wait for the Labyrinth to lure you into its depths and show you the many secrets it has in store…

Ready your wagons… this one’s going off

// Tickets go LIVE midday Sun 10th March
Tickets will be in high demand for this show due to the extent of the lighting display & Blue Mountain’s imminent departure from Bristol’s clubbing landscape. This is our goodbye to a Bristol institution. As such, we will be releasing tickets in isolated tiers with warnings once each tier has sold out.
£3 / £5 / £7 / £10

// WARNING re: custom lighting installation
This event will not suitable for those with pre existing medical conditions regarding sensitivity to light; such as epilepsy. We apologise for any inconvenience