Munter Gatherer return to The Blue Mountain Club, Bristol to bring you RABOTECH v1.2

Downstairs in the Main Room will be the second event to feature our 15K Robot Sound System. Rabotech is built out of our own sound systems and couples beautifully with the in-house l’acoustics rig. The audio experience is excellent and is backed up by all our own intelligent lighting. This is by no means a small production, we go way beyond the to bring you the best possible clubbing experience we can. This is a rare opportunity to witness Rabotech. Expect the very best of Techno and Acid in Room one.

Upstairs is hosted by Micro-Rave (as seen on telly) and pretty much anything tends to go. Micro-Rave create interactive 8-bit dance floor gaming adventures and will be joined by an eclectic mind-melding-mash-up of musical mayhem. From Acid House through Breaks into Old Skool, pausing along the way to pick up some Rock n’ Roll. Room two has something for everyone as well as occasionally having everything for someone….

DOWNSTAIRS (hosted by Rabotech)

MATT ACIDIC (Rave Yard Records)
JAMES KINETEC (Kinetec Records)
OFFICE FACE (Chemical One)
NICK SAMOVAR (Toxic Recordings)
STEM-TECHS (Rabotech)

UPSTAIRS (hosted by Micro-Rave)

DJ MULCH (Old School)
IX LIVES (Breaks and Acid)
DUBTENDO (dubtendo)
GLENN FOXON (BoxJam Acid House)
ROCK-TIME-WILLY (Rock n Roll bonus level)
ALIEN SEX KULT DJs ((Aaaaaargh!!))