Next Up Presents:

On the 17th of October we have JD. Reid, Finn Foxell, Rocks FOE and BaileyWillsXO. As always they’ll be some special guests rolling down in support so keep your eyes peeled! The insta @eventsnextup is the best place to do so, you’ll find a track a day to add to your playlists over there, no bullshit. Back to Bristol, our 1st Birthday, you already know what it is.

Tickets will be annouced at 6PM on the 10th (tomorrow), there won’t be many £3 ones so be quick!

JD. Reid
One of London’s, no, the UK’s finest producers. You only need to list the names of artists this man has worked with to realise his calibre. Aside from anyone else he’s worked very closely with fellow headline biller Rocks FOE so expect to see something there on the 17th… Ghetts, Slowthai, D Double E, Novelist and Milkavelli are just a FEW of the artists he has made tracks with, we’ll be here forever if I carry on. God know’s what he could play, come down and find out. Listen to his album ‘Tree’ to get some idea if you’re not clued up already.

Finn Foxell
Starboy. This guy is on SMOKE and is very very soon to blow. He’s already come to Manchester and shut it down differently for us, if you were there you will know, the energy is different.
Part of the Elevation Meditation crew in London with Lord Apex & p-rallel amongst others, how can they not go far? Apex has already bagged himself a Colours it wouldn’t suprise us if Finn is next.

Rocks FOE
An engima you just want to know more about. It’s hard to find many pictures of this guy on google, let alone his music. However, when you do it only ever bangs. He’s been in the grime scene for a minute, previously releasing a couple of tracks with Commodo, their track ‘Set It Straight’ probably his most known. If you know your 140’s, which Bristol does let’s not get it twisted you know about Rocks. Don’t miss a chance to see a G in the flesh, cause it ain’t very often. He’s recently come out with ‘Take A Look.’ You couldn’t write it.

Excited to see Bailey perform. Put onto us by the genius artist Elena Maglione. He’s recently done his first few shows and has put out a couple of genuine bangers earlier this year. it’s not just him though, his crew Ex2v3 are all cold and you might see the whole gang if you’re lucky, him and RAF are a killer combo. If you go to UWE you might see him around a little more this year.

Stay posted for the special guest & BIG competition details