Dutty Moonshine will be throwing a daytime AND a night time summer party!
Daytime on a terrace on BLUE MOUNTAIN featuring lots of silly dance/summer games, night time in a tunnel at THE DOGHOUSE featuring lots of raving.
Just 150 tickets for each event.
Individual tickets for each event or you can buy a combo of the two!

Make sure you read the rules of the event lower down the page!
Strict enforcement in place.

3pm – 9pm – Blue Mountain, Daytime Terrace Summer Party (summer music)
9pm – 3am – The Doghouse, Night Time Rave Up (underground sweaty bass music)

🌞 Daytime Party DJs 🌞
Dutty Moonshine, DJ Binge, KB (Dance Off DJs), + guests
🌙 Night time Party DJs 🌙
Dutty Moonshine, DJ Binge, Gassed DJs + guests



☠☠☠☠☠ RULES ☠☠☠☠☠

● You are not allowed in the venue unless you’re either
A) Wearing a silly/summer hat.
B) Wearing a garish Hawaiian shirt.
C) Your general outfit screams “SUMMER!”
D) You come dressed as the dream couple; Mary Berry & Hunter S. Thompson.
E) Animal onesies are of course welcome but mind the heat for the daytime party!

● Every time the DJ plays a version of the song “Tequila” you must either drink a shot of Tequila or finish your drink if you don’t have a Tequila to hand.

● Various ridiculous prizes will be available for feats of dancing, games and competitions throughout the day.
Examples the “Great British Twerk Off”, “Reverse Musical Statues”, “How Low Rider Can You Go”, “How Quickly Can You Put On This Ballerina Outfit” and some more hilarious shit we’ll come up with on the day.

● If you hear Mr Wida – “Run Wid It” you must “Pick up something, anything” and “Run Wid It”….if you don’t know what this means you need educating, go hit youtube.

● Dutty Moonshine retains the rights to add more silly rules as when he comes up with them.